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a worthwhile read

Sunday, February 26

So, I came across this blog post today and was touched by just about every word. I could have probably written out the same thoughts, but now I don't have to because Lindsay did it so much better than I could have.  So, if you have a few minutes today, hop on over to 'Life Lived Fully' and take a read from her most recent post - it's some real stuff and it will bless the socks right off of you and most likely kick your booty into gear in more ways than one... Here are just a few of her very timely words that hit home to me.

On marriage...
"Two people who on the outside see life through completely different telescopes —mine is bright orange with pink polka dots, messy, nicked and probably has dirty hand prints all over it—his is black, shiny, clean, gleaming, not a smudge, not a smidgen. But what we see inside those telescopes are the same. The same dreams. The same love for traveling. The same brokenness  that has led us the crossroad of  Jesus-whatever-you-want-for-my-life-it’s-just-too-dadgum-hard-without-you."

On being yourself...
"You’ll never live life fully until you stop looking at everyone else. Don’t get me wrong, you will still peek at times. And on bad days you will glance over quite a lot.  And that’s okay.
It’s the coming back that counts. It’s the: this is my flawed, wonderful marriage and no one else’s. It’s the: I am still single and I hate it every second of it but at least it’s my life I am living and no one else’s. It’s the: I am struggling with infertility and everyone is popping out babies like bunnies, but at least it’s my journey. And it’s the: money ain’t coming in, but my God I am learning that the phrase: “He is faithful” is not some feel good church cliche, it is TRUE.

On life...
"...sometimes, when you let go of what you thought your life should look like - then it brings freedom to every facet of your life—including your relationships. This truth leaks into the smallest crevices of our thinking…every room in our heart gets remodeled: our marriages, our friendships, our everyday humdrum days that end up being our lives. All of a sudden life looks different. The rooms have not changed. No walls moved. The dreadful paint is still there. The worn out rug still the same. The pictures still hang crooked. The tables still need dusted. It’s just you learn to appreciate it instead of always wishing it were something else. Then that which was ugly becomes beautiful because it’s yours and no one else’s. Your imperfect life becomes your gift.

You can read the entire post here:  Will you ever be happy with YOU? And your life?

Thank you Lindsay for posting...

 Be blessed.

A post, Yo!

Wednesday, February 22

Hey! It's been forever.  I'm not even sure how long it will be before I blog again, but I've been wanting to sit down and try to write out what's been going on in me lately.  So here's what I've been learning, and we'll see if I can get to 10 things.

1.  Diet coke is still ok! I went 21 days without drinking diet coke.  Miraculous I know.  It taught me a couple things... 1) I definitely felt better replacing the diet coke with water, but I missed it oh so much. 2) I gained a pound and a half during the 21 days, which completely smashes all the lies that people say about diet coke making you gain weight, haha, I gained weight not drinking it. Stupid lies.  Life is short, and I'm completely ok with enjoying a chemically enhanced beverage every once in awhile.  Sometimes around 2pm, it makes me smile. and so for that I say thank you. :)

2.  If you want to hear God speak, you have to look & listen.  I feel like I go through phases where I complain that I have no direction, and I can't clearly decipher the direction God is wanting me to go...all the while I have my eyes closed and ears plugged.  There is something about realizing that God will use any means necessary to speak - and it just brings overwhelming peace.  He speaks through early morning sips of coffee, the words projected on a screen, a quote on an envelope, the text from a friend, the silence of a hug, the digging up of last years garden, buying the seeds for the new one, and in the plain and clear words in His book.

 3.  Life is better when you focus on the positive
Just trust me on this one. 
Or trust the wisk.  
I honestly make it a goal each day to focus on what I have to be grateful for, rather than worrying about what I don't.
It makes for better days. 
And good hair helps. ;)

4.  Today is my life.  Two months ago, we looked another loss in the face... and it was like someone took a gallon of ice cold water and poured it over me, then shook me, and then yelled at me, Christy WAKE UP! And I feel like I've been wide awake ever since.  I think back over the last two years, and it has been marked by loss, by pain, by hurt, and all rightfully so, but it was still two years - two years that I can't get back, whether I got what my heart desired or not.  Do you realize what regrets can fill a soul when you let two years slip through your fingers?  I marked a lot of my days by grief, by eating everything because it was the only thing that seemed to fill me.  I cried, I would lay in bed even though the world was calling my name.... and TWO YEARS passed me by.  I poured my heart out in an email to a pastors' wife that we know, she has walked a similar road... her response was the ice cold water that jolted me in a much needed way.  I haven't been the same since.  Here is an excerpt of what she said to me:
I realized that I could not lose the present pining away for the future. Today is your life. Your husband needs the girl he fell in love with and your son needs his mom fully present. God has the grace and the peace and healing you need, it’s up to you to take them...  Give God your anger and disappointment and even your numbness and depression and get it all out. Don’t carry it around. Give God your family’s future and don’t carry that burden around.
The devil wants you to stay in the fog of sadness and depression so you waste your years not bearing fruit and not really living victoriously but just surviving. Refuse that and seize the day. You were born for war and He can do it through you when you feel weak. You can do this!
After I wiped up the pool of tears, I went to my husband and poured out my heart... I voiced to him what I had needed to vocalize for so long.  I told him that I refused to waste the life that I'd been given. The reality is, I could miscarry 100 more times and could look back and that be what defined my life.... instead of handing over my pain and exchanging it for the plan that is there for us.  BECAUSE THERE IS ONE!  It just may not look like 4 kids, two years apart, in a perfect little house, in a perfect little world where nothing ever goes wrong.  Life is messy, and we're in the middle of it... but the longer we've been here the more beauty I've been able to see in realizing that OTHER PEOPLE LIVE HERE TOO!!!!!  And so we march on, arms linked as a family, hearts turned over to the One that created us and we cry - We are Yours. And we trust You with our lives. You are big enough!!!

5. I love quotes. Especially ones by Ann Voskamp.  Especially this one. Story of my life.

6.  We have terrible three's in our house.  
Oh you all thought it was terrible two's. Nope. Not here. 
Oh buddy, let me tell you the little bundle of attitude we get to straighten out around here.  There are days when I wonder who exchanged my sweet boy with Grumpy Pants McGee, and then I smile, because I'm sure God's smiling too, saying... oh Honey, you were worse than this.  

It's testing us, but it's making us better, we're learning to be consistent (or trying anyway), and in training this child, we are taught more and more about true love & discipline.  What an honor to parent - even on the hard days.  He's still the CUTEST THING EVER. 
You know he is too!

7.  Whatever gift you've been given, use it to the full.  We all have 'em, and if we'd stop comparing ourselves, and wishing for different ones, or trying to mimic someone else's.... we could create a masterpiece.  What do you enjoy?  What do you find yourself signing up to do voluntarily, What comes natural to you? Chances are your gifts lie in those answers... and it's taken me 29 years to figure that out.  But hey, maybe I have a slim chance of getting my act together before 30 rolls around.

8.  I'm officially an adventurer.  Basically I joined a fun business.  Last month, I decided to join the Thirty-One gifts team as a consultant.  I went to one party, and after loving everything I saw and reminding myself again that My life is Now, I decided to give it a shot, and see how it went. 
If you want to know more, or want free stuff for hosting a party, You now know who to call!!! :)  I'm excited like a 6th grader who just learned how to make friendship bracelets... or well maybe that was only exciting to me.  Anyway.

9.  Take pictures, BE IN THEM, get them printed, and hang them up.  Just one of my goals for this year.

10. Don't worry. Be thankful.  Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, WILL guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7

Be blessed friends.

sorry for the absence :)

Wednesday, February 15

I've been a terrible blogger lately.  Terrible I tell you.
Life has been a whirlwind and full of lots o' turns.
I should at least update you guys with a trusty ol' '10 things' post.  Maybe I'll start working on that.

In the mean time, forgive me. I'll return soon with all my blogging nonsense.

Don't worry, we're still in the same city, doing the same things, we're all healthy and meandering around searching for God's best.  No, I'm not secretly pregnant, just been busy and tired - there's a lot on my horizon - a lot that God's been teaching me.  Now, I just hope for a few spare moments to type it all out for you!

I hope 2012 has been a blessing to you so far.

More soooooon.

fill in the blank

Wednesday, February 8

You know what I love about the story of Peter in the Bible?  He was pretty jacked up at times with his doubting, denial and that whole chopping the ear off thing.  BUT he was STILL a disciple of Jesus!    The life of Peter should spell out HOPE for our own lives, right? 

I was reading the walking on water story this morning, and realized that story is so applicable... all we have to do is fill in our own blanks. Because, honestly - the ending is the same. :) 

Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus. But when he saw the wind, he was afraid and, beginning to sink, cried out, “Lord, save me!”  Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. “You of little faith,” he said, “why did you doubt?”  And when they climbed into the boat, the wind died down. Then those who were in the boat worshiped him, saying, “Truly you are the Son of God.” Matthew 14:27-32

What would it look like if we filled in our own story??  What is your story???
Then _______________ got down out of the boat, _________ _____ _________ and came toward Jesus. But when (s)he saw __________ ____________, (s)he was afraid and... cried out, “Lord, save me!”  Immediately Jesus reached out his(her) hand and caught _______________. “You of little faith,” he said, “why did you doubt?”  Then...the wind died down. Those who {were around}, said, “Truly you are the Son of God.” 

Isn't the ending always the same - whether we doubt or not? So why do we doubt?  Shouldn't the story of our life be written in such a way that at the end people can say: "Truly He is the Son of God."?

Faith - it's so hard, yet so easy.

"I am above all things: your problems, your pain, and the swirling events in this ever-changing world.  When you behold My Face, you rise above circumstances and rest with Me in heavenly realms... When you feel yourself sinking in the sea of circustances, say 'Help me, Jesus!' and I will draw you back to Me... I know your weakness, and I will meet you in that very place." - Jesus Calling (Sarah Young)

if you've ever lost a baby

Monday, February 6

then you know that in the moment its so very tough.  You also know that the moments that come months later are even tougher.  You know that it sucks the most to feel like you are left to deal with it alone.


if you've ever lost a baby(ies), then you should read this blog post right here:

You should read it, because - even in the harsh reality of the words, I just wanted to reach out and hug the author and thank her for penning the words that most find it impossible to even verbalize.

Friend, if you've ever lost a baby, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Be blessed.

worth the lesson learned

What if a lesson can only be learned through a hardship? What if He really is wanting to refine us through the fire?

Can we learn to embrace it for the lesson learned? is it worth it?

At least we have a place to go in the mean time.

a renewed mind

Thursday, February 2

today's excerpt from 'Jesus Calling' by Sarah Young:
“I am renewing your mind. When your thoughts flow freely, they tend to move toward problems. Your focus gets snagged on a given problem, circling round and round it in attempts to gain mastery. Your energy is drained away from other matters through this negative focus. Worst of all, you lose sight of Me.

A renewed mind is Presence-Focused. Train your mind to seek Me in every Moment, every situation. Sometimes you can find Me in your surroundings: a lilting birdsong, a loved one’s smile, golden sunlight. At other times, you must draw inward to find Me. I am always present in your spirit.  Seek My Face, speak to Me, and I will light up your mind.”

Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always. Psalm 105:4

Be blessed today.
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