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8 weeks

Tuesday, December 30

I noticed that I didnt get a 7 week picture.......I guess the holidays are to blame....but that's ok I have an excuse....see Isaak had a hard job this Christmas being Santa... as you can see he was sleepy after delivering all those presents.

Anyway, I am convinced that week 7 was a growth spurt for Mr. Isaak. He did ok during the day but he was constantly eating, and was up at least twice each night. I couldn't figure it out because he had done so well the week before. Then we left last Tuesday to spend Christmas with both of our families. And......to mommy and daddy's surprise he put on his best behavior and slept through each night that we were away??? I had prepared myself for the exact opposite. It was a nice treat though. We've been home a few nights and he's been a little inconsistent but I think he's just adjusting to being back at home...and not being held 24/7.

My little Isaak was loved so much last week. It blessed me so much to see everyone just love on him. I mean, I'm his mommy so of course my love for him is indescribable, but to see my dad (his Pa), my grandma (his Mimi), Amick's mom (his MaMaw) and the rest of our families just melt with him meant so much to me. It meant so much in fact that the trip back home was quite depressing. Sunday was rough too. I miss my family so much, and that time was so special to me (this year especially). Having a son has changed everything I know, and my family is just one thing that has remained constant. I didn't realize how much it affected me until I had to leave. At least I have my mom here, she is my breath of fresh air, just by calling to check on Isaak, or just when she stops by just to see how much he's grown. It's another reminder that I'm not alone. I couldn't imagine raising a family somewhere completely away from all my family........ i couldn't do it.
Ok, enough of the sad stuff. GOOD NEWS, our sweet boy has started smiling. We are getting a few good smiles each day, and I never knew how rewarding it would be. The other night we went to Hardees because Amick has become obsessed with their thickburgers....anyway, we were smiling and talking in that high pitched baby talk, and Isaak grinned soooooo big his eyes lit up. We both started laughing, and realized how silly we must have looked in the restaurant. Oh well, it made my day.

More good news, it looks like Isaak will get to meet his first girl cousin in a week. Baby Taylor will arrive most likely next Monday, I cannot wait. I am so proud of Tonya and Danny... I can't explain how excited I am for them and how impatient I am to finally meet her. Please pray that everything goes well!!!!!!!! YAY for babies.

Well I will leave you with his 8 week picture. (AHHH, my baby is almost 2 months old!!!!!!!!!!!)

Love you.

6 weeks

Tuesday, December 16

Well - my baby boy is 6 weeks old today.......

So here's his 4, 5, & 6 week picture......is he a growing boy or what. I love him!

Isaak is waving hello to everyone who is keeping up with mommy, daddy & baby!

We love you all!

spoke too soon

Thursday, December 11

So, I've been a zombie for the past 24 hours.

Last night, Mommy and Isaak started the "bedtime" routine around 9:30, and it was nearly 3:00am before Isaak was in bed asleep. What in the world?!?!?! And then he was up again at 6:30am.

So I'm really not sure if he just didn't feel good, if I ate something weird, or if he was just in the mood to pull an all nighter. Who knows, but I was not prepared for that. See, I can handle two hour stretches of sleep, that's what a mommy of a newborn does - but I was literally up until 3, trying everything possible to get him to sleep.... fed him, rocked him, held him, changed him, sang to him, read to him, fed him again, laid him down, let him cry, rocked him some more, fed him once more and the list goes on.......

I made it through the day on a lousy cup of coffee..... and I'm just hoping we have a better night tonight.

Being a mom is not for the faint of heart....let me just say. These past 5 weeks have no doubt been the hardest of my life. I am stretched daily to new places. But all in all, I am thankful. Two reasons come to mind.

1) Through each sleepless night and fussy day - more and more selfishness just oozes out of me.... when I think I have no selfishness left - we face a night like last night.... and I am kindly reminded once again.

2) My son loves me. Last night he would NOT stop crying - there was nothing else I could do.
It was 2:00 am...I needed a breath of fresh air, so I laid him down, and went outside for a few minutes. I came back in and he was screaming, I reached down and picked him up, he was sweaty from crying and red from the frustration, and as I laid him over my shoulder he immediately stopped crying..... and there, in the silence, I just felt his heart beating so fast.....but then his little body relaxed, and he suddenly felt safe and comforted. At the end of it all - it was ME he wanted....not food, not a new diaper, not a song or anything else, he wanted his mommy. There in his room, I just held him, I hugged him tight and tears just rolled down my face for what seemed like forever, I told him how much I loved him, and that I would always be there for him no matter what.....

I will tell you right now there is nothing else in the entire world that compares to that feeling..... the feeling of knowing that in the eyes of your child YOU are everything. Some may see it as overwhelming - to me, I see it as an honor, and last night Isaak and I had a moment of pure love, and shortly after he finally fell asleep. What an amazing honor.

This post just took on a mind of its own, but to sum it up,

we had a rough night, but I fell more in love with Isaak.
Being a mom is rough but rewarding.
I hope tonight is better.

5 weeks

Wednesday, December 10

Each week that passes I realize that I'm nearing the end of "newborn" time with my sweet Isaak. I know that entering the land of "infant" time will bring tons and tons of excitement and joy, but I will so miss my sleepy cuddly teeny little boy.

Well - three big things happened this past week. I'm so proud of my little boy.

1. Isaak took his first bottle - like a champ I might add...
He didn't even hesitate and he drank the whole thing. I had daddy give him the bottle, and he really enjoyed it. While it was a little weird seeing him take food from someone other than me, it was a slight relief to know that I can look forward to a bottle here and there when we're out or when Amick and I want to leave him for a date night.

2. The past two nights Isaak has slept through the night!!!!!!!!
Monday night I put him down at 10 and he slept until 6:30. Last night he went down at 11 and slept until almost 8. I really am in awe because for some reason I thought it would be months before I experienced that.... but I'm not complaining at all, I am glad, and blessed, and I hope that it is a trend that continues. I guess now I just wonder when I'll get a full night's sleep. I still wake up frantic and check on him at least twice during the night, I need to make sure he's ok and breathing. Moms out there.... does that ever go away????

3. Isaak wore his first pair of shoes and jeans yesterday!
Finally - something other than socks and cotton pants. Daddy put some new jeans and shoes on him, and they fit perfectly. (well the jeans were a bit big, but we made them work) He looked so adorable and almost too grown up. I look forward to some fun adorable outfits to come.

I'll post a 5 week picture when he wakes up
although...I'm sure you're enjoying my husband's photoshop skills (see photo below)...and just to clarify, no - we're not really giving our son steaming hot tea!!!! I felt the need to clarify in case anyone checks my blog and didn't realize my hubby doctored the photo a bit. HAHA.
(His facial expression and hand guesture was 100% real, that's what cracked us up)

Well after next week - I'm offially out of post partum land. And I'm guessing I'll have no more excuse to complain about "not being myself". It gets better each week.... but I still don't feel 100% capable that I can really handle motherhood, "wife"hood, and my home all at the same time. Maybe next Tuesday I'll just wake up with a pot holder in hand ready to conquer the world with my amazing multi-tasking skills. Probably not - but it's a nice thought.

Until next time!!!

Happy 1 month birthday Isaak!

Thursday, December 4

One month ago today, my sweet Isaak came into this world...... So many people keep telling me "enjoy the time now, it will go by so fast". I completely understand that now, because I don't know where the last month went, it seems like yesterday I was checking into the hospital with a heart and mind full of anticipation - waiting to see my son for the first time.... and now I pick him up and he is noticibly heavier, and his eyes open wide as he attempts to learn so much.

I just love him so much.

He was a fussy boy today, he refused to take a nap longer than 10 minutes, and I'd feed him, change him, hold him, rock him, sing to him, give him Mylicon, yet nothing seemed to hit the spot. I guess maybe he just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. All I know is he has a tired mommy today because of it...I am ready for bed. He went to bed a little earlier tonight, around 10:00, so here's to hoping that he sleeps until 4. We'll see.

I'll leave you with his 4 week picture.......see how much he's grown!!! I can't believe it.

PS. are you proud of me......i've done good lately with updates!!!

4 weeks and 3 years

Wednesday, December 3

first, our baby boy is pretty much grown up....he's 4 weeks old, ahhhh!!! I guess I better get the lunchbox ready, as Veronica and I say.

Lately I've been seeing more of Isaak's grayish-blue eyes than his little eyelids. He's focusing more on objects and when he's full and content, he loves to look around and move his arms all over the place. Each day I can tell that he's learning more and more about everything around him as well as what his little arms and legs can do.

He's such a tall little man, but still skinny as ever....all of his jeans and shoes swallow him whole. I can't wait until he can wear his adorable church outfits.

Isaak slept from 11 to 6am last night! Holy Cow! I woke up in a panic thinking that the baby monitor was broken and he had cried all night and I just didn't hear him. But no, it was fine, and so was he. I'm so proud of my good little sleeper.

Secondly, today is our three year anniversary (hubby and I). It's crazy to think how fast and slow the time has gone by. We've enjoyed the road so far, and look forward to many more years together. This time 3 years ago, hubby worked in pest control, I was job searching, and we lived as happy as ever in our 600 square foot apartment, man that place was small! My how things change. I wouldn't trade where we are now for ANYTHING. Happy Anniversary Amick, I love you more than ever!

Here's a picture of my 2 favorite guys, my big man and my little man (thanks Heather for taking the photos).... Amick is such a good daddy

I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL CHRISTMAS.... Isaak gets to meet so much family!!!!
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